WooCommerce Extras


Make your WooCommerce store do more with WooCommerce extras.  Higher security, more choices for your clients, search engine optimization (SEO) help and more.




WooCommerce Extras

Want  a bit more flexibility in your WooCommerce store? More choices for your clients, extra security, some search engine optimization help?  Then this service is for you.  WooCommerce extras package builds on your basic store installation and products/services offerings to add value to your store with no real effort for you.

What’s included?
  • Attributes customized – you may want to include different colors (clothes, ceramics etc), organic or non organic (essential oils, herbs etc),  different slogans (ceramics, clothes, wall hangings etc) or a selection of modalities in your bundles (for a 10 session bundle, for example: 5 Reiki, 3 EFT Tapping and 2 massage or client chosen combination)
  • Help with SEO (search engine optimization) – page by page SEO coaching to increase organic traffic to your store
  • Revision control for your product descriptions – reduce load time by keeping stored revisions to a minimum
  • Extra security to reduce your store’s exposure to hackers even more – extra protection for your client details
  • One extra tweak of your choice!

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