WooCommerce Setup and Install


Setup and install WooCommerce for professional showcasing of your products and services


WooCommerce Setup and Install

Your WordPress site is all set up and ready to go.  You have a set of products or services all set out in your word processing software … but it doesn’t work so well on your site.  This is where WooCommerce setup and install can solve your “page too long”, “doesn’t work like it did in the word processor” … and even the “d****t! Why does it do that?” issues.

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress that sets you up with a “shop” page that lists all your products and services in one place, from the individual product/service pages you create.  You can get paid through PayPal, Stripe, BACS, ApplePay, or a number of other methods – even Bitcoin! Like S2member, WooCommerce can be a bit of a learning curve. Which can waste your time, patience and creativity over days – or weeks! – of trying to make it do what you want.

WooCommerce setup and install does it all for you and includes:

  • WooCommerce setup and install – everything you need to show your products/services at their best with shopping cart, shop front and “add to cart” buttons.
  • PayPal or Stripe payment gateway setup (you will need an account with PayPal or Stripe for this)
  • Extra to make sure WooCommerce adapts to your color palette
  • Setup categories for products for “you may also like” and “related items” suggestions at the bottom of your product pages – just like Amazon!
  • Setup templates for each of your categories (up to 5) to your design, so all you have to do is duplicate the relevant template to add another service/product to your site

That’s it – you’re ready to go!

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