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Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Lead Generation

Landing page, squeeze page, lead generation - we tend to use all three of those terms interchangeably but they actually mean three different things.

Why do you need ​a landing page or any other kind of page?

The first reason is to build your list.  Any one of those three can be at the top of your sales funnel.  The money is in the list so you need to build your list in order to be able to sell things to people.

Lead Generation Form

lead generation form

Here you can see a lead generation form. It's just a basic form asking for name email and a subscribe button - and we're giving away a freebie!  It's relatively subtle, you can put it on the top or the bottom of every page or post on your site or you can put something similar on a widget on a side panel.

Either way it's very - subtle it's not very in-your-face and that might be important to you for what you're selling or the kind of business that you're in.

This is also what you generally get on a pop up - "here's my freebie: enter your name and email to access it". 

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is more like this.   

Imogen knight squeeze page is one way of building landing pages

An image in the background, with a form in the foreground.  Nothing else. 

It is a dedicated page for one specific freebie or low cost whatever - it might be video,  a seven dollar report or something like that.  

Mostly, on the squeeze page you want to be giving something very low cost or free - but it has to have value because otherwise no one's going to want to give you their email.

This is the page where you send traffic from social media, from blog post links or page links, Facebook and Google Ads. 

This is ideally is at the top of your sales funnel.

Before you ask what is sales funnel is,  that is an entirely new blog post, so I'm not going to go into that here.

A Landing Page is a Sales Page

A landing page is a sales page.  It covers one specific product - like a course or a membership or coaching.

​A landing page tends to have detailed content. Not always but it tends to have a detailed explanation of whatever it is that you're selling.

Confirmation Page and Thank You Page - Extra Pages You Might Not ​Realize You Need

For all three of these different ways of interacting with visitors to your site you need two extra pages for each of them.  You need a "nearly there" page to confirm the subscription - and to confirm that it isn't a robot signing up.  As a result, you'll want to be sending a confirmation email and also if you've got this kind of confirmation - a confirmed subscription email - that satisfies GDPR consent. 

You'll also need a thank-you page. Once they've confirmed that subscription they need to be sent back to the Thank You page or wherever it is.

That might be a download page, an entry page to your membership -  or it might be somewhere for them to arrange appointments.

The Importance of Keywords

All three of these landing pages or squeeze pages need to be aimed at specific target markets. 

You know what your target market is.  You know what your niche is - you're not just taking a scatter gun approach.  

You know who they are - you've narrowed down who they are.

It's important to have the right keywords, particularly in a squeeze page or a sales page in order that you get the most out of organic search, that your ad response is from the right people - and then also you can get a kind of halo effect ​from word of  mouth. 

Decisions, Decisions

Which of these three methods of acquiring customers and people on your list is best for you?

It really depends on you your site, your products, your audience and your desired outcomes.

My feeling is that you'll want all three:  you want the basic sign  up form on every page and post, you'll want squeeze pages to get people onto your list  - and you want sales pages for each of your products. Unless you've a WooCommerce shop, you don't put all of your products/services on the same page. 

Examples of Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and Lead Generation Pages

Let's have a look at the different kind of pages that you can have to attract visitors.

​A Different Kind of Sales Page

Sales page step 1

This one's an interesting one: in order to actually get any details on what they want to sell - you any details at all - you have to make a commitment.  So here's a button for you can make a commitment - ​ it then opens up a form to just enter your email.

You can't even get the details without giving your email.  That's an unusual kind of sales page - there're no details at all until they're given your information.

These next two are ​examples of squeeze pages, which are also landing pages - you've got the form in the middle, an image in the background and a freebie.  One of them is marketing tools that are being given away free and the other one is an opportunity to guest post.

​Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages

But whatever is being given away free needs to have some kind of value.  Mostly people share a video or a checklist or 10 best or an ebook - something that is high value but isn't going to take you too long to put together.

These next two are two examples of the kind of basic signup form that you put everywhere on your site.   We've talked about these enough - and you may well have seen one pop up ​on this post by now!

​Sign Up Forms are not Landing Pages

Lead generation forms are not landing pages

​Sales Pages are Landing Pages

Here's an example of a landing page that's a sales page.  It's so long and detailed that I've had  to cut it up into ten sections in order to fit it all on to one slide!

sales pages are landing pages

This sales page goes into great detail - it's got lots of places to put keywords in - and you don't even get the opportunity to buy anything until you're well past halfway down the page, by which time you're committed.

Sales pages and landing pages are pretty much the same thing.

After that there are three opportunities to buy, plenty of social proof and lots of pictures.


Whatever your preferred method of collecting people for your list and selling the things I'm happy to do that for you and although this gig specifies thrive Architect,  some of those pages were done with ​Thrive Architect,  a couple were built with ​aweber and I've even built forms from scratch with HTML! 

MailChimp and all of these bulk marketing services have methods of putting forms on your site or you can build the form yourself if you don't like the way that they display. 

When you want something like this done for you and you don't feel that you have the time or the inclination - or maybe you don't know how! - just click the link below to find me on Fiverr and you can contact me there. 

And if there's anything else that you'd like to do with your site that isn't on my list, then click the contact link on Fiverr and I'll be happy to give you your very own customized offer.

Find coerdelion on Fiverr

When did you start building your list?  (Trick question - the time to start building your list is now, so that when you have something to sell,  you already have a list of interested people to sell it to!). 

Let me know about your own methods in the comments below.

Technical SEO Audit and Schema Markup

What the heck is a ​Technical SEO Audit? 

A technical SEO audit and Schema Markup tells search engines how your site is built.  It's an on page method of ensuring that Google knows who you are, what your website is about, how important it is ... and that it's all tidy and navigable.

It all sounds very complicated.

When Is Technical SEO Appropriate?

​Once you've created your website, you're excited ... and you then start telling everyone about it both online and offline - your relatives, your friends and, if you already have them, your clients.

Mostly what you're saying is: here's my website.  You may well be telling everyone: mine's the best ... or mine's better than all the others.  Maybe it is.

But what you really want to be saying is: this is the website you're looking for.

You need to be talk to your ideal customers and tell them that they will get the information that they need on your website. 

Audit?  Isn't that something the tax man does?

A technical SEO audit has nothing to do with tax.  I know the word audit has a tendency to raise hackles and make people want to run away, but it has nothing to do with tax and you needn't be afraid of it. 

Technical SEO Audit schema markup

​What you're looking for is what the lady on the right in the image is saying: here are the services that you need to make your life better

What does a technical SEO audit ​involve?

There's a lot to it - a lot of technical stuff that's involved and all of this is probably something that you never even thought of.

You may even be getting messages from Google search console saying things that you don't understand.

  • ​Robots.txt
  • ​Broken links
  • ​Images
  • ​Missing tags
  • ​Duplicate content
  • ​Load speed
  • ​Sitemaps
  • ​Security
  • ​Meta descriptions
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Open graph tags
  • ​Site crawl 

How does a technical SEO audit and Schema markup benefit you?

Outcomes Better SEO for your site

buy lasix overnight delivery Gives you an advantage - an edge over your competitors

Most people don't know about technical SEO and Schema markup

Technical SEO gives you an SEO edge and when you have an SEO edge you have increased organic reach and better search result position

Obviously, I can't guarantee your site  is going to be the top of the search results, but it'll definitely move up, particularly if you know what keywords you're particularly aiming at

Can you do technical SEO and Schema markup yourself?

Of course. 

But you might find it a little overwhelming.

Alternatively, you can hire me to do it for you.

My prices are accessible, I'm fast, experienced and I know what I'm doing.

Click the link ​ to order your Technical SEO Audit and Schema Markup now.

​What kind of SEO have you done on your site?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

The Best Free WordPress Plugins for your WordPress Site

​You've got your WordPress site up and running with default WordPress plugins - now what?

It's an empty box.  There are posts and pages, but you have to put in the content and the images, a method of contact and some way to collect emails, so that if at some point you would like to sell people things or let them know what your next event is - or even just ask them for some feedback. You have to do all of it - so how do you do that?

WordPress ​Plugins

Plugins add  functionality,  they add flexibility to your site and,  yes, they  are the flesh on the bare bones of your site. 

You'll get some default plugins with your website:

​Hello Dolly, which is basically a joke from the WordPress community

Akismet to reduce the amount of spam signups

​The appalling jetpack  - which is okay if you're a beginner,  but there are better  ways of doing everything Jetpack does, without the bloat. 

​Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Site

What are  the essential plugins for your WordPress site?

Essential plugins cover security,  search engine, optimization,  bloat, speed and optimization of things that are going on that you may not even want to know about.  Things like database optimization and image optimization.

What Next For Your WordPress Site?

Once you've got the basic plugins sorted you'll maybe want some advanced plugins to solve problems or to add even more functionality.

Like What?

You may want to add a page builder to help you with design;  or a membership site so that your visitors can get special protected content just for them;  maybe you want to sell something  - maybe you want to have something like an Etsy shop - or maybe you'd like to set up forums or social interaction for your members.

All those are pretty advanced and you don't need them to begin with, but they're available for when you want them in the future. 

The Right Plugins For You

How do you choose the right plugins?

There isn't actually a right answer to that.  If you talk to any front-end or back-end developer, they

will give you different answers.   I have my favorites,  but the thing to do is to make sure that they play nice together,  otherwise you get auto correct.

wordpress plugins should play nice together

DIY or Outsource?

You can do all this yourself -  it's cheap and in fact, it's the cheapest way of doing it and the best way to learn.  But it is a bit of a learning curve and some of these plugins,  for example the security plugins,  can give you a lot of notifications that give you a heart  attack.

And because you're spending all that time learning how to do the technical stuff on the back end you'll never get that time back for doing what you actually want to do, whatever that is.

The answer is to employ a freelancer  - like me, for example!

Setting up your 10 essential plugins is reasonably cheap;  it's also fast because,  well, I have a lot of experience with it and what might take you four or five hours will take me a lot less time. 

I know what the most useful plugins are - the ones that you will come back to and be glad you have,  again and again and again.  Click the link to find me on Fiverr.  The link will take you direct in my gig for installing my particular 10 best plugins for your WordPress site.

the 10 best free wordpress plugins

Installation covers: security,  basic SEO, basic optimization and one or two other things that you will find very useful like a method for people to contact you - that's always a good one! -  a method to get people's email addresses for when you want to contact them.  

I'll also be glad to help you if you've got anything else that you think you might like for your WordPress site but you're not sure how to do it.  Just contact me on Fiverr and I'll give you a customized offer.

​my ​top 10 free wordpress plugins


  • ​iThemes Security
  • ​Yoast SEO
  • ​Smush
  • ​Contact Form 7
  • ​Contact Form 7 Redirect
  • ​Google XML Sitemaps
  • ​WP Optimize
  • ​MailChimp or MailLite
  • ​W3 Total Cache
  • ​Akismet

​Do you have some favourite WordPress plugins?  Leave a comment below to say what they are.

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

​Getting started can seem daunting - Mark Twain's suggestion of breaking your project up into smaller parts is​ fundamental to project management.  But how do you decide on what bit goes in which order?  Contact me for project management help - at surprisingly accessible prices!

beginning struggle victory

​You may be struggling, but that only means you may need a little help.  Contact me here to discuss your path to victory!

successful entrepreneur wordpress website freelancer

​And don't wait until you're ready!  Start now, build with confidence.

when you find an idea

​Start now, put down some foundations and build from there.

Business Startup From Your Dorm

[quotcoll id=36]

​Business Startups in College

​Mark Zuckerberg may have managed his business startup in college, but that was a long time ago in the infancy of the internet.  

​​These days it's not so easy ... but you ​can​ do it if you're organised, determined and focused.​​​

​Your Business Startup Idea

​A business startup idea doesn't have to be profound or totally new.  Take me, for example - there are a whole lot of people out there doing what I do. It may be the same for you.

Sit down.  Write a list of the things you can do.  Then google each one of the items on your list.  

You can bet that there are at least 10 other people offering items on your list as ​services, for which they get paid.

And believe me, there are many people out there getting paid for doing what you do, who are nothing like as good at whatever that is as you are.

​Make a Website

​If you have no experience with websites, this may seem an impossible obstacle.  

Particularly if you have no time and little money.  

But the truth is that when you're just starting, all you need is a one page website with an explanation of what you do and a method of contacting you. That's it.  You can add pages later as you grow.

There are ​a couple of ways you can tackle creating a business website for your idea.

  • Choose one of the many do it yourself website creators out there, like Wix. Weebly, SquareSpace or one of the other lesser known ones.
  • Outsource to someone who can help you.

Ooooh! Outsourcing - that sounds expensive!

It's not really - or at least, it doesn't have to be.  And in the long run, it will save you money and tears.

So how do you find someone to help you build a one page - or anything up to 5 pages! - website for a reasonable price and a reliable outcome?

​Reliable Freelancing Sites

​Choosing website creation through a freelancing site means both parties are protected, you can compare prices, feedback and outcomes ... and you'll find prices a great deal more accessible than going direct to an agency or independent.  

If things go haywire, it's also a lot easier to get your money back, so for the risk averse - isn't that everyone? - that's extremely reassuring.

​Which are the most reliable freelancing sites?

Well, you'll find me here on People Per Hour - a popular UK site where you post your job spec and people bid for it.

And you'll also find me on Fiverr, based in Israel and newly floated on the NY stock market. On this site you look for someone who does what you want and then order from them.  Plenty of choice from all over the world.  Contact me there for a customised offer.

Have you ever outsourced to one of the freelancing sites?  Share your experience in the comments below.