WordPress for Technophobes

​Hit the ground running with your WordPress website and blog

Yes, you can have a beautiful WordPress blog and website effortlessly, gracefully and without breaking the bank

​Breathe a Sigh of Relief - Everything's Taken Care Of

​Now you can concentrate on creating your content, ​building your courses and establishing your business while I take care of the complicated tech stuff


The foremost blogging and content management platform on the web.  I'll take care of reproducing your design on your very own WordPress install

​Host Your Own Shop

​Your products your way.  I'll install your own ecommerce shop right there on your site displayed to your order

​Membership Site

​A membership site is one of the coolest methods of income generation. ​I'll wrap your content in an evergreen membership site for increasing residual income

Step 1:
WordPress Website Installation

There's nothing like knowing your WordPress installation is there ready for you to hit the ground running, with everything you need to start sharing your content effortlessly.  

No need to worry about how you're going to configure it to reflect your personality, communicate your content and build your online business.

I'll take care of all of that for you, installing the free (or premium) mobile responsive theme of your choice, together with  all the extra bits (plugins) you'll need for SEO, building beautiful landing pages and securing your site against intruders. 

I'll even upload some of your pre written content, create templates you can use for consistency throughout your site and video explainer tutorials to help you on your way.

Step 2:
​Add Your Shop

​Ecommerce is big business on the web - and you definitely want to be up there with the cool kids.

Open your own shop, populate it with your pre written PDFs, videos, webcasts, podcasts and physical products for easy to pay access by your clients and customers.  

I'll install, configure and add the initial products for you - and even throw in a video tutorial on how to add your own products after that.  

Step 3:
​Build Courses Online With Your Very Own Membership Site

Build your courses and ​wrap them in your very own membership site.  

  • ​Charge members by the day, the week, the month or the year.  Or give them continuing access forever.  You choose.  
  • ​Make the content available all at once ... or dripped in lesson by lesson over time.  
  • ​Offer a money back guarantee for a week, a month or longer. 
  • check
    ​​It's all secure and under your control.
  • check
    ​Protect your content by page, module or lesson

I'll install it all, set up the levels of membership - so you can offer standard, enhanced and premium access - protect your content and generally set it all up so all you have to do is create your modules and lessons.  

​"Doesn't Disappoint - Always a Pleasure to Work With"

​Great communication and fast delivery!

Wonderful seller. great communication and always on time!

Seller doesn't disappoint! Always a pleasure to work with!

Bree Bonchay

​World Narcissistic Awareness Day

WordPress for Technophobes


Yes, you can have a beautiful WordPress blog and website effortlessly, gracefully and without breaking the bank